Betsy DeVos: If States Discriminate Against LGBTQ Students, It’s Cool By Me

Katherine Clark (D-Mass) questions DeVos re. federal money going to schools that discriminate based on race, LGBTQ, special needs via vouchers. DeVos asserted that the states get to decide and there wouldn’t be federal interference. Scary.

Trump’s first full education budget: Deep cuts to public school programs

In Trump’s budget, “Funding for college work-study programs would be cut in half, public-service loan forgiveness would end and hundreds of millions of dollars that public schools could use for mental health, advanced coursework and other services would vanish under a Trump administration plan to cut $10.6 billion from federal education initiatives, according to budget documents obtained by The Washington Post.

The administration would channel part of the savings into its top priority: school choice. It seeks to spend about $400 million to expand charter schools and vouchers for private and religious schools, and another $1 billion to push public schools to adopt choice-friendly policies.”