New Bedford to pursue “innovation zones”

Teachers and administrators working together to create positive changes in schools: “A group of teachers working with the school administration to remake New Bedford middle schools is leaning against using a so-called “innovation zone,” a special governing structure that could have allowed principals and a group of elected teachers to approve changes to things like the length of the school day, curriculum or staffing.”

BPS budget comes under fire

The Opportunity and Achievement Task Force testified last night: “[We are] opposed to the 2017-2018 budget as it is currently written because it will have a negative impact on the district’s efforts to eliminate opportunity and achievement gaps, particularly for students attending low-performing schools,” said task force member Ayele Shakur, reading from a statement. “By using the current Weighted Student Funding Formula as its foundation, the SY18 budget systematically disinvests in the district’s lowest performing schools that have the greatest needs.”