Massachusetts Parents United: Old Wine in an Empty Bottle

Read about Mass. Parents United. Who are they? The state director was former state director for Families for Excellent Schools. Funders? The Walton Foundation and the Longfield Foundation, which also funded Great Schools. Members? They say 7000, but what exactly does “member” mean? Might just mean signing a questionnaire outside the Stop and Shop, where paid staff were canvassing on election day. Lots of questions.

In Some States, Donating to Private Schools Can Earn You a Profit

In 12 states, donating to private/parochial schools can be done at no cost or at a profit, e.g. in South Carolina, someone making a $20,000 donation gets a $20,000 state tax credit, AND a federal tax deduction up to $7,000. The world according to DeVos.

New Bedford to pursue “innovation zones”

Teachers and administrators working together to create positive changes in schools: “A group of teachers working with the school administration to remake New Bedford middle schools is leaning against using a so-called “innovation zone,” a special governing structure that could have allowed principals and a group of elected teachers to approve changes to things like the length of the school day, curriculum or staffing.”