Outdated formula yields have and have-not schools

“Massachusetts will continue to receive accolades for its public education system, as it enables some students to thrive. However, to be a truly great system, we must be great for all… From my time in both districts, I perceive large differences in resource allocation, especially in terms of access to classroom materials, class size, elective classes, and access to support staff such as counselors.”


Opinion: shutting down Chicago’s public schools

Chicago fighting against closure of more schools. Following the 2013 closures, “Some neighborhoods lost nearly all of their public schools, and many children were forced to attend schools far from home. Nearly 12,000 students changed schools; 88 percent of them were black, and a disproportionate number were considered ‘vulnerable.’

But it didn’t work. Even when students transferred to higher-performing schools, they experienced an achievement drop in the first year and minimal gains afterward, the National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder, found last year.”


BPS may be served lawsuit over lack of minority input

“[Lawyers’ Committee Executive Director] Espinoza-Madrigal said that if BPS leadership doesn’t start addressing issues facing minorities, immigrants and community members who want more input, there could be ‘legal liability for Boston Public Schools and the city of Boston.'”


BPS Parent: The algorithm method is a problem

You can’t get to a good place in a bad way…Many parents testified about feeling blind-sided; others spoke of having their trust in the system breached. This would not have happened if BPS has utilized a planning process that respectfully engaged parents instead of relying so heavily on a computer algorithm. We can get to good place, but we have to get there in a good way.”